Bill Castle joined the Air Force in 1950 and served 23 years as an aircraft weapons maintainer. As a retired Air Force master sergeant, he became a resident at the Washington, D.C. Armed Forces Retirement Home in the late ’90s and has lived there for more than 15 years so he can live near his wife, who’s buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Phillip Griego, a Vietnam veteran, reminisces of the letters he shared with his wife.

Phil Dean, 83 and also known as "Chief Wild Turkey," is a resident of Tilghman Island. Phil was a preacher until his life changed after his mother passed away. Now, he sits around his home as he smokes and drinks away his days.

In 2012, more than 34 percent Syracuse residents lived below the national average. As a result, Syracuse was one of the most impoverished cities in New York. Charles “Chuck” Hanlan was one of those residents that struggled to get by. He didn’t have a job in over six years and survived with the support of monthly public assistance of $300 and food stamps.